Innovative Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions for Savvy Singaporean Businesses

For a business venture to flourish and prosper, its financial system must be backed up with proper measurement and processing through accounting and bookkeeping. Accounting fundamentally looks after all the financial transactions of a business, analyzes and streamlines respective data. Previously, the financial data collection was tedious and manual, with a high probability of error and loss of information. Now, however, this has revolutionized and changed. Likewise some programs and software’s have been invented to ease the hassle. One such software is the accounting solutions program, which completely centralizes all the diverse systems of a business into one. Many companies also offer these solutions to new or old businesses. The major jobs that the accounting solutions looks after are:

  • Business advisory
  • Generation of the monthly financial statement
  • A thorough planning of taxes
  • Payroll services

On the other hand, if as a business owner you prefer a personal human touch, then the other alternative is to look for a bookkeeping services provider based in Singapore. There are a variety of such corporate service providers who offer service solutions ranging from accounting to taxes and business registration.

Accounting solutions being offered by the companies are very innovative and financial record keeping has never been easier and more streamlined. They are being offered in the form of cloud computing as well, which means that the user has access of all the solutions over the internet, at any time and any place. If a particular financial information is required it can be learnt about at any moment. There is a definite ease in the processing of the very companies that use the accounting solutions and it can easily be seen through the revenue that is generated. A business always requires efficiency to flourish. Quality work done in less time guarantees profit.

Singapore is a wealthy country with a competitive market and a well-developed economic structure. Its businesses are well established and invites entrepreneurs from all over the world to invest in their country. The tax policies are friendly and attract business set ups. The government of Singapore is pro-business and encourages its people to start businesses. Accounting solutions are very popular in Singapore and more and more companies offer it to its entrepreneurs and business men. Some of the top companies offering accounting solutions in Singapore are,

  • Accounting Solutions Singapore
  • Total Accounting Solutions Knowledge
  • Netsense Business Solution Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Accountants
  • Elmwood Professional Services

The global business market is very competitive in this age and time, and in order for a nation to be on the top of its game, it has to have innovation where work is involved. The think tanks in the business field keep making faster and better programs that assist in everyday work. More businesses are attracted to these software’s and programs and do not hinder from adopting them into their own business setups. Singapore boasts a very high GDP and in order to keep and maintain this trend, it offers and promotes businesses and young entrepreneurs to invest and start a company. An exemplary nation, which shows that honesty, integrity and hard work always pays off in the end.

The Importance of Appointing a Corporate Secretary after Incorporation

One of the conditions after the incorporation of a company is the appointment of a corporate secretary. The failure of various corporate companies internationally due to various scams and poor management forced many countries to include the appointment of one or more corporate secretaries in the companies act. In Singapore, section 88 of the Companies Act 2014 requires directors of a company to appoint a secretary with the right experience, professional and academic qualifications. Business owners can consider looking for Singapore corporate secretarial services that can fulfill this role and help with all that is required.

The Corporate Secretary Maintains the Statutory Registers

One of the penalties companies face from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the failure to make and maintain updated statutory registers. Some of these registers include the list of shareholders, register of members, and the charges. Companies undergo changes often, and a record of these changes need to be kept for future reference. If there is a need to update these changes in the records held by ACRA, the corporate secretary is tasked with the responsibility of sending in the notification and updates.

Custodian of the Company Seal

The company seal needs to be kept by the corporate secretary. Besides being the custodian, it is only the corporate secretary who can use it on documents that require the seal. When a report has the company seal, it means the management, directors, and even the company board agrees with the content in the documents. The seal also shows that the documents are authentic. This is why the safety of the seal needs to be in the hands of the company secretary. It is also to show the difference between actual company documents from counterfeits.

Sending Notifications for Meetings and Setting the Agenda

Sometimes information can be distorted if it comes from different sources. Therefore, the communication of upcoming meetings and the agenda comes from the corporate secretary. Incorporated companies are required by the Singapore law to hold at least one Annual General Meeting (AGM) with shareholders. This meeting is to keep the members updated of the status of the business in a bid to ensure there is transparency and legitimacy of any meeting held by the company by taking the minutes and maintaining the records.

Ensure the Company and Directors follow the Company’s Constitution

Corporations, especially those with many structures, sometimes get caught up in unpleasant situations because some of the acts and deeds did not comply with the company’s constitutions. Some of these unfortunate decisions are usually made out of negligence or insufficient knowledge. One of the duties of a corporate secretary is to ensure the company and Directors adhere to the constitution.

Prepare the Company’s Accounts and Statements

The corporate secretary is required to follow up with the company’s accountants and auditors to ensure the company’s accounts are prepared as laid out in the company’s laws. The secretary will then file the statements with the registrar. If required, the financial statement can be published in the local papers and other mediums of communication to ensure the shareholders have access to the information.

Although appointing a corporate secretary is a requirement, it is essential to get one that is professional and hardworking enough to meet the demands of the company. If need be, more than one corporate secretary can be appointed, especially for larger corporations.

The Importance of Tax Compliance and Consultation in Singapore

Singapore is the central economic hub of the Southeast Asian region with pro-business initiatives, ever growing and evolving. Mega multinational companies have taken abode in Singapore and attract younger entrepreneurs to play a part in its vivid economy. For such an economic super power to prosper there is a back hand push that makes it what it is. The tax policy of Singapore is not only very flexible for its people but also contributes to the public expenditure vastly.

Tax compliance fundamentally means complying, in all respects, to the payment of the tax in the allotted time e.g. filling forms with the required format and the point to which a taxpayer adheres to it in the allotted time period. In Singapore, it is rare for companies and business owners to not adhere to these requirements. Some file taxes on their own and some outsource it to a Singapore tax consultant firm or service. Compliance of tax is taken very seriously by the Singapore government and is one of the reasons why the economy of Singapore has been flourishing globally. It is no secret that more people want to start businesses in Singapore because of its friendly and flexible tax policies. It is a personal favorite of both entrepreneurs and businessmen alike because of this very reason.

IRAS, or the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, is responsible for all tax related matters of the country. It comes under the ministry of finance of Singapore and has single handedly dealt with all tax matters successfully for the last two decades. Singapore follows the fiscal policy, the two branches of which are the government expenditure and tax. The basic objective of the fiscal policy is to boost and sustain the economic growth of the nation. In order to keep the public expenditure running smoothly it is very important to collect the revenue that is generated from these taxes. The different types of taxes that the people pay in the country are:

  • Income tax for Corporates
  • Income tax for personal
  • Tax on Goods and Services
  • Tax on property
  • Stamp duty
  • Betting taxes

IRAS requires the payment of these taxes to be done on time and filled with the asked format. Like in every other nation, failing to do so, is a punishable crime. The tax that is imposed, must be paid by the citizens of the respective nation.

Tax consultation is the advisory role that is taken by people or companies that guide how tax must be paid, what legal requirements are to be made and how the taxpayer can go through the process in the most efficient and straight forward way possible. There are many good companies in Singapore that offer such thorough information about tax payments to both large and small companies. It’s all in the matter of choosing which consultant firm suits the business better. For a tax consultancy to be on the top of its game it is important that it knows all the tax policies of the country, laws and legal requirements. By having a background knowledge of all these basic policies, the tax consultancy can offer better and the most stress-free advice on how tax compliance can be done.



Finding a good birthday cake or choosing among the many cakes sold at most cake shops in Singapore is likely going to be one of the most difficult challenges you are going to face when preparing your birthday.

But there are some proven tips that can help you out in this regard.  Considering your budget and the type of cake you like will help you narrow down the right birthday cake.

Since no birthday party is complete without a beautiful cake, it is important that you take your time to find a good birthday cake that will grace your event.

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You likely now know some tips that will help you narrow down the best birthday cakes in Singapore. Finding a good bakery that can make delicious cakes for your special event or birthday party in Singapore is by no means an easy business especially if you are new to cakes or have not visited any of the many cake shops in Singapore.

 The following article by Nicole Nithiyah shed light on some places where you can get beautiful and delicious cakes for your birthday.


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You probably now know some places in Singapore where you can get beautiful cakes for your birthday party. See, you don’t have to be rigid about the type of cake you choose for your birthday. Take a break from your routine and try a custom cupcake. Yes, cupcakes can not take the place of regular cakes but they can surely spice up your birthday party.

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Looking for custom cupcakes in Singapore to celebrate something special? For all of you planning the ultimate party – whether it’s a kid’s birthday bash, baby shower or engagement or wedding party, Read more here.

You surely no know where to get a custom cupcake for your special event in Singapore. Give careful consideration to your budget before ordering for any of these cupcakes because they are somewhat expensive.  Another thing you should consider is the size of your event. If you are expecting a lot of people, you definitely will need to order more cupcakes.

 Final note

 Choosing the right cake for a birthday party is certainly not an easy task because there are so many cakes to choose from. Giving attention to your budget and the nature of your event will help you choose the right one for your birthday party.

 If you want a special or unique cake for your birthday party, then you should visit any of the many custom cake shops in Singapore.

Don’t forget to buy some beautiful and delicious cupcakes to spice up your birthday party. Yes, cupcakes cannot take the place of regular cakes but they can make your event more special and memorable.


Different Methods of Solving Math Problems

In the past everyone will remember how it was during math class; you watched the teacher solve a sum on the board and did your best to understand it and then copy down the exact method with a fear that is the method was wrong you would not get a good grade during exams. However, the same method of solving a math problem wasn’t always the right method for everyone. This is what math enrichment centres are beginning to understand today. These centres test the child in advance so as to know the level at which they currently are and they help them choose a method of solving problems that is most suited to the students. Here are a few methods of solving math problems that your child will likely learn if enrolled in a math enrichment centre.

Problem Solving Strategy

This method is used in the case of word problems. The child asks a series of questions and finds those answers in the word problem provided and is able to solve the sum easily. The questions that the child asks includes

  1. What is known or given?
  2. What information do you need?
  3. Draw a diagram or a picture that represents the problem.

Solution Strategy

In this method the child will first label the variables in the sum. They then move forward to make a verbal model with the use of logical reasoning. This is then converted into an algebraic model which can be solved and the answer can be checked.

Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be solved in a number of ways. Another method for solving word problems includes the child identifying what is being asked; strategize what is needed for that sum; write down the equation; answer the question and then recheck.

Guess and Check Strategy

In this method the sum can be solved mentally and you guess the answer this is then checked to see if it matches the requirements.

Find a Pattern

This method is usually used at the intermediate level where there are questions that require you to guess what the next number in the series will be or to choose the shape that would come next. In these types of sums it is essential that the child finds the right pattern or relationship in the series.

Opposed to popular belief all these methods are equally right when it comes to solving math problems.

The need for children to participate in math enrichment programs

Academics have always been a major part of a child’s life no matter what the age. However, most children spend up to 80% of their time out of school. This time can be used in an array of ways and most importantly can be used to solidify the basics of subjects that are taught in schools. Out of all the subjects that are taught in school math always seems to take the front seat when you talk about enrichment programs as this is the subject that most children struggle with.

What are enrichment programs?

There are two main categories of enrichment programs—extracurricular activities and academic enrichment. Both of these are programs that help in the development of a child outside of formal educations. This helps in both the personal as well as academic growth of the child.

Need for children to participate in math enrichment programs

Math is the kind of subject that has to be understood and cannot just be learnt. Although teachers do their best n schools to provide good quality teaching not every child is able to grasp the concepts in one go. Due to the fact that most of the time there are large numbers of students in a class the teacher is not able to provide personalised attention to each and everyone. This is where after school enrichment programs help the students. Parents now-a-days have increasingly started looking for after school enrichment programs to help develop their child further. These programs can be customised as per the child’s needs.

More personalised attention can be given to the child as the number of students in these programs is not as much as that in schools. It is also seen that a child can be more comfortable approaching a teacher with doubts when there are less students around. This is also a great advantage for them if they join an enrichment programs for math. Not all children can learn math in the traditional method that is usually taught in schools. Programs for math enrichment singapore use alternate methods of teaching that can be easily understood by the child. Also due to alternate teaching methods the child is able to choose which method they want to use while solving the math problems. Including math games as part of the enrichment programs helps to make learning fun and gives better results.

Infant Care Centres Vs. Home Care- Making The Right Choice

In Singapore, working parents have a few alternatives with regard to minding their child. A few of them are:

1. Pre-school cum child care centre: Children from the age of 2 months are taken into infant or child care centres that offer full day and half day programmes to take care of the child while the parents are away at work.

2. Relatives: Larger families, with grandparents or other older relatives living with the parents, can also act as care-givers for the child while the parents are away. The trust factor is the greatest advantage here, both for the parents and for the child.

3. Nanny: Parents who do not wish to leave the child in an unfamiliar setting, but do not have close family to care for the child at home, prefer to hire a nanny on the basis of word-of-mouth recommendations, or some professional service agency. It can be on a continuous, uniform basis, or on an ad-hoc, when-required basis.

Each of these options has its own set of positives and negatives. These are as follows:

Singapore infant care centre:


1. Professional staff to care for the child.

2. Company for the child in the form of other children.

3. Safety of larger numbers, compared one-on-one exposure in at-home care.

4. Standardised and formalised education process, meaning the child is not only cared for, but also taught many age-relevant skills.


1. Chances of frequent illnesses due to exposure to many children.

2. The child is required to adjust to unfamiliar setting and non-familiar faces.

3. Parents have to drop off and pick up the child from the Singapore infant care centre .

4. The trappings of a professional set-up mean a child may not get the same pampering that he/she may get from an at-home carer.

At home care:


1. Highest comfort for the child as the surroundings are familiar. In case of family caring for the child, even the care-giver is familiar to the child.

2. Chances of contracting infections are less because of less exposure to other children.

3. Parents do not have to pick up and drop off the child.

4. The child get the most attention.


1. No formalised education is imparted at home.

2. In the case of hiring a nanny, the trust factor has to be absolute, as the child is at her mercy alone.

3. It might become restrictive for the family member caring for the child, as they are fully engaged looking after the child till the parents return.

5 ways for bringing fun into the classroom

It is really tough to control a hyper-active child. Imagine the condition of the teacher who has to handle so many kids at the same time. But, teachers at preschool Singapore use various methods to bring fun into the classroom. These innovative methods try to engage the kids and make the learning fun, interesting and meaningful. Kids just love to be in the class and enjoy coming to the school.

1. Technology: Technology is used interactively for enhancing and enriching the teaching and learning experience. It gives the freedom to the child to explore and learn new things. By accelerating the learning process, the kids get motivated to unravel more interesting things. It can help in building up the problem-solving techniques and enhancing the logical thinking.

2. Experiments: Kids are made to carry out small experiments, which help them in understanding the concepts. It builds the curiosity in the child and the child tends to become more inquisitive.

3. Games: Playing games are the best way to catch the child’s attention. Obviously, the child will not want to keep studying always. With the right kind of games, the child is made to strive for success, but also to face defeats gracefully. When games are incorporated in the syllabus, the kids are encouraged to use their creativity for solving problems. And, they understand the basic rule of life, about how to learn from their mistakes. There are also some hands-on activities that help the children in understanding the concepts with the help of what they see, experience, touch and feel.

4. Loud reading: When the teachers read out loud to the class and narrate stories, along with some actions, the toddlers enjoy it a lot.

5. Music: In preschool Singapore, music is the greatest medium through which people can be connected, not to mention kids simply love music. With the help of nursery rhymes, kids develop a sense of language, memory, motor skills, social skills and emotional quotient. In fact, even the most difficult things can be taught to the kids through music.

These are some of the ways by which the classroom can be turned into fun places. The kids enjoy coming to the school and be a part of the learning and educational activities. A child’s mind is raw and can be moulded in the way we want. So, by motivating and encouraging the child, his intelligence and talent can be tapped and nurtured.

What You Should Know About Good Fishball Noodles

Anyone will know who enjoys this delicacy there is a few thing things that need to be met in order to be the best. There is a number of places that you can find fishball noodles Singapore style. The criteria that need to be met in order to be classed as good are that they must have the right texture therefore not be too springy, too soggy or too dry. The seasoning of the noodles also needs to be correct, as they must have the correct tantalising flavours so that they can have an impact on your taste buds and leave an impression that lasts.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the ingredients and the soup, which looks at the freshness and chewiness of the fishball and the savoury soup must be able to create a finishing touch which is unforgettable. If you get both of these correct then you will have a perfect bowl of fishball noodles. It is fair to say that the noodle combo has to be able to please all of the family.

In Singapore there is a range of restaurants that serve this dish and they will all be delivered to a different standard and of course some will be better than other. There is some restaurants that serve fishball noodles that are actually very impressive.

These dishes will have the correct mixture of sauce and chilis that are well blended and then served with a truly exceptional noodle. The sauce and the chili would have the ability to draw out the essence of the mee pok and complement each other very well.

In these restaurants the mee pok is cooked to just the right texture which provided the perfect level of firmness and springiness to the palate. In most of these establishments the portion size will be generous and the soup will also be very tasty with the right amount of sweetness.

There is some restaurants where the noodles were just as good as the fishballs, as they are perfectly seasoned and placed with ingredients that are perfectly cooked. The chilli that is served in some establishments can only be described as impressive especially when it was all blended together in a harmonised way and this makes is very tasty to eat.

There is some establishments that promote their history with the dish and the tradition that surrounds it. It is a good idea to take time to try the various different restaurants that sell this cuisine as there really is a lot of difference.