A Guide on Toy Storage Shopping in Singapore

young child playing with building block toys

Singapore has several stores that sell different types of toys to meet the growing demand for play and educational items by parents and kids alike. Whether your child likes traditional bears, Barbie dolls, Lego blocks or more modern toy exploration kits, you will in no time see one toy transform into ten, fifty or more. It is almost like they multiply overnight when indeed you played a role in the sudden appearance of an unmanageable number of toys on your living room floor. Fortunately, toy storage in Singapore is readily available online. 

Pamela Gabriel, in the following article, discusses the various types of toy storage organizers and how you can choose one best suited for the toys in your home. 

Different Types of Toy Storage 

“Your children’s playroom is their personal space. In their room, they are able to move about without worrying that they might get into an accident, thanks to your impeccable child proofing. They can ‘work’ in this room — it is where they make their art, dance about, and make believe with their toys. It is no wonder, then, that your children’s playroom is also the messiest part of your house.” Read more here

When shopping for a toy organizer, you need to consider the reasons for your decision. Do you want one that your children can easily use when they want toys and when putting them back? Or would you prefer one that fits neatly on the available space, even when it remains unreachable for the kids? The different types of toy storage come in various shapes and sizes. You will not fail to fit your available space. You could choose to get a hanging toy organizer, plush soft toy bags, toy chests and many more. 

In the next article, the writer explores the various factors that will influence your decision when choosing a toy organizer. 

How to choose a toy organizer

The Best toy boxes for your children – children’s treasured chests laden with fun and joy. Every kid should have one, as these neat little furniture pieces aren’t just wooden storage bins – they’re much more than that. Some kids play with them, others learn the value of keeping things neat and tidy, but most importantly, toy boxes are every child’s necessity. We are always too happy to show you what toy boxes can bring you, and this article will guide you through everything you need to know. Read more here  

When choosing a toy organizer, you have several things to consider. Although it seems a decision that is easy enough to make, you will discover that you have to take into account several things, including your child’s safety, your budget, your child’s interest, the type of toys you have, your home décor, and the ideal size for today’s toys as well as the future purchases. It is also best to get toy storage that your child will be more responsive to, such a customized organizer with his or her name.  

The following article by Dawn Jamison looks at the various ways you can make toy storage an easier process. 

Finding a toy storage system that works

“It’s not awesome when the clutter in your child’s room or playroom becomes a major source of stress. A few months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by Legos, doll clothes, play food and stuffed animals that seemed to be everywhere. As I navigated small heaps of toys in my daughter’s bedroom, I knew that I needed to find an organization solution quickly before Christmas presents started rolling in.” Read more here

Before buying toy storage, it is best to find out if it will work for you. If you get a wrong toy organizer, you are likely to have the same problems you have now. You should first assess the issues you have now. Are the toys on the floor a result of poor organizing or is the current organizer insufficient? If the problem is a lot of toys, you need to make sure you get a toy storage organizer that is large enough to accommodate the toys. If the issue is your child digging too deep to find his favourite toy, you need an organizer with compartments so you can arrange toys based on popularity. 

There is so much for you to consider when buying a toy organizer. It is best to think through your reasons for acquiring the toy storage. You should also occasionally go through the pile to remove broken toys or those your child no longer fancies. This will free up space for more toys. Keeping unnecessary toys in the organizer results in unnecessary clutter when your kids are playing.