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What to Look Out for in a Good Baby Nail Trimmer

parent trimming the nails of a sleeping baby

If you are a first-time parent, you will discover that one of your responsibilities will include trimming your baby’s nails. Babies don’t have control of their motor skills. This is why they move their hands in any direction, which often results in scratches on their faces, especially if they have long nails. This is one of the reasons you will have to buy a baby nail trimmer for home use

Since babies have tiny nails, you cannot use the nail clippers you use on your nails. You need a nail trimmer that is specially made for babies’ nails. However, you should be careful when buying baby trimmers because some are more suitable than others. You don’t want to hurt your baby when trimming his or her nails. 

It should be easy to use

You’ll be amazed to discover there are different types of baby nail trimmers in the market. Some are similar to the ordinary nail trimmer, only smaller in size, while others are more sophisticated. Before investing in a baby trimmer, you need to ask yourself if anyone can use it. You may not always be around to deal with your baby’s nails, so you want to get one that can be used by anyone. So, you should ensure the baby nail trimmer is small and easy to handle. 

It should be affordable.

Your baby’s nails, small as they are right now, will eventually become stronger as he or she gets older. You will not use a baby nail trimmer for a short while, so you don’t need to spend too much one it. You should, however, relate the price to the quality of the nail trimmer. If it is cheap, but of poor quality, it will not serve you until the baby is ready for a different nail clipper. 

It should be safe 

Safety is a critical component of a good baby trimmer. Some of the common safety features include curved edges and flat tips. This helps to reduce the possibility of you nipping your baby’s fingers when cutting his or her nails. Some baby nail trimmers offer additional features, such as a light to help distract the baby and for you to have a better view of the baby’s nails when cutting. Safe baby trimmers also leave a smooth finish when you are done cutting the nails. 

It should be light-weight

Babies tend to grab anything within reach, so they will undoubtedly attempt to snatch the baby nail trimmer. Having a nail trimmer that is not heavy ensures your baby remains safe even when they get a hold of it, especially if he lets go of it and it falls on his face. A light baby trimmer is also easier to use since babies can be fussy. 

When shopping for a baby nail trimmer, you will likely be overwhelmed because of the different types and designs of nail trimmers in the market. Fortunately, most are baby-friendly, so you need not concern yourself much, as long as they possess all the right qualities.

How to Avoid Having Too Many Toys

2 young buys playing with big stackable block toys

Interestingly, much as toys belong to the kids, most parents buy toys that they find fascinating, and assume the child will feel the same way. So, this keeps going on, and the child keeps acquiring more toys, some of which may not have had the same impact as it did the parents. Before long, the toys become too many, yet there some are no longer being used. If you find yourself in this predicament, you can find creative ways of storing them in useful toy organizers. This will leave sufficient space for toys your kids enjoy using. 

In the following article, Housely suggests multiple attractive ways of storing toys using a toy organizer and how to choose the ideal storage unit. 

A guide to the ideal toy organizer

“One thing that many new parents don’t anticipate is just how easily toys can take over the entire house if left unchecked. Even within the first few years of a child’s life an overwhelming number of toys can accumulate. The key to maintaining your sanity is investing in a toy organizer that will work well for your family’s needs.

Toy organizers are different from toy chests because the latter is best for storing large toys and things that are infrequently used — chests don’t do a great job of actually organizing toys. Organizers come with multiple compartments and make keeping and categorizing toys much more streamlined.” Read more here

There are different types of organizers in the market that you will find suitable for the toys in your home. You may opt to custom make one or buy a ready-made one. Whatever option you go for, you need to consider the space you have available. Fortunately, if the floor space is insufficient, you can get cubby style or free-standing toy organizers that occupy more space on the wall instead of the floor. If your child has plenty of stuffed animals, you can use a soft bag to store them since such a bag can take many stuffed animals. 

The next article written by Marissa Bader discusses ways you can start organizing toys in the toy storage Singapore.

Steps to follow when using a toy organizer

“One of the biggest challenges of parenthood: dealing with our kids’ toys. (Well, that, and other things like, you know, managing everything from their behavior to their health to their overall well-being). But seriously — it’s true what they say: when you have kids, their toys tend to take over your entire house.

You clean up diligently every night, but the next morning, all the toys are on the floor again. It’s a losing battle — why even bother?” Read more here  

When you have too many toys in the house, it is sometimes difficult to tell which toys are most sought after, which ones have been rejected, and the broken ones. So, you first need an inventory. Assess the toys to see which ones need to be thrown away and those to be stored in the toy organizer. You might even find toys your child hasn’t seen in a long time because other toys always cover it. You can use labelled boxes to separate the toys based on their state and how often they are used.  

In the following article on, the writer analyzes the various toy organizers and argues the case of getting one over another. 

Finding the best toy storage organizer

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got clutter. There’s no doubt that toys can take up a lot of space. If your child isn’t good at putting his toys away, they take up even more space. This isn’t just an eyesore – it’s dangerous as well. Just ask any parent who’s stepped on a LEGO in the middle of the night.

Sound familiar? It’s time to take control of your kids’ toy clutter and reclaim the space in your home. The key to keeping things organized is to make sure that everything has its own place. Teach your child to put his games in one place, stuffed animals in another, and cars in yet another place. Read more here

When purchasing a toy storage Singapore, you need to have an idea of how you will utilize the available space. This is important if you have lots of toys, sometimes found all over the house. If you are going to occupy wall space, which organizer is most suitable? Pick one that will either accommodate all the toys or design it specifically for certain toys. For example, you can choose to have an organizer for all the toy, or you can designate every storage area to have its toys. Eventually, the kids will understand why you have stored the toys the way you have. 

It is never too soon to start teaching kids about personal responsibility. Giving them a chance to organize their toys after they have observed your storage plan, you can be confident that they will put everything back as it should be. So, when buying an organizer, you should consider the possibility of kids immediately taking over the responsibility of keeping their toys.  


A Guide on Toy Storage Shopping in Singapore

young child playing with building block toys

Singapore has several stores that sell different types of toys to meet the growing demand for play and educational items by parents and kids alike. Whether your child likes traditional bears, Barbie dolls, Lego blocks or more modern toy exploration kits, you will in no time see one toy transform into ten, fifty or more. It is almost like they multiply overnight when indeed you played a role in the sudden appearance of an unmanageable number of toys on your living room floor. Fortunately, toy storage in Singapore is readily available online. 

Pamela Gabriel, in the following article, discusses the various types of toy storage organizers and how you can choose one best suited for the toys in your home. 

Different Types of Toy Storage 

“Your children’s playroom is their personal space. In their room, they are able to move about without worrying that they might get into an accident, thanks to your impeccable child proofing. They can ‘work’ in this room — it is where they make their art, dance about, and make believe with their toys. It is no wonder, then, that your children’s playroom is also the messiest part of your house.” Read more here

When shopping for a toy organizer, you need to consider the reasons for your decision. Do you want one that your children can easily use when they want toys and when putting them back? Or would you prefer one that fits neatly on the available space, even when it remains unreachable for the kids? The different types of toy storage come in various shapes and sizes. You will not fail to fit your available space. You could choose to get a hanging toy organizer, plush soft toy bags, toy chests and many more. 

In the next article, the writer explores the various factors that will influence your decision when choosing a toy organizer. 

How to choose a toy organizer

The Best toy boxes for your children – children’s treasured chests laden with fun and joy. Every kid should have one, as these neat little furniture pieces aren’t just wooden storage bins – they’re much more than that. Some kids play with them, others learn the value of keeping things neat and tidy, but most importantly, toy boxes are every child’s necessity. We are always too happy to show you what toy boxes can bring you, and this article will guide you through everything you need to know. Read more here  

When choosing a toy organizer, you have several things to consider. Although it seems a decision that is easy enough to make, you will discover that you have to take into account several things, including your child’s safety, your budget, your child’s interest, the type of toys you have, your home décor, and the ideal size for today’s toys as well as the future purchases. It is also best to get toy storage that your child will be more responsive to, such a customized organizer with his or her name.  

The following article by Dawn Jamison looks at the various ways you can make toy storage an easier process. 

Finding a toy storage system that works

“It’s not awesome when the clutter in your child’s room or playroom becomes a major source of stress. A few months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by Legos, doll clothes, play food and stuffed animals that seemed to be everywhere. As I navigated small heaps of toys in my daughter’s bedroom, I knew that I needed to find an organization solution quickly before Christmas presents started rolling in.” Read more here

Before buying toy storage, it is best to find out if it will work for you. If you get a wrong toy organizer, you are likely to have the same problems you have now. You should first assess the issues you have now. Are the toys on the floor a result of poor organizing or is the current organizer insufficient? If the problem is a lot of toys, you need to make sure you get a toy storage organizer that is large enough to accommodate the toys. If the issue is your child digging too deep to find his favourite toy, you need an organizer with compartments so you can arrange toys based on popularity. 

There is so much for you to consider when buying a toy organizer. It is best to think through your reasons for acquiring the toy storage. You should also occasionally go through the pile to remove broken toys or those your child no longer fancies. This will free up space for more toys. Keeping unnecessary toys in the organizer results in unnecessary clutter when your kids are playing. 

There are reasons to go for professional photographers

You have a camera and skills. So, you do not need to go to professional photographers often for a good picture.  But there are times when your skill and gear just cannot cope with the situation.

In case you have just graduated, or have a baby, or upcoming family events, or corporate meets, you need to hire a pro for these occasions. While modern cameras produce outstanding images, photography is more than your camera. One has to combine lighting, location, props for capturing the mood in the photos.

A professional studio understands that you would like to be in your graduation gown and for that they keep a wide range of academic dresses of different institutions. These studios provide typical backdrop settings and also have props to pose with. They can also arrange on-site shooting during the graduation ceremony.

One can also hire them for baby photography, couple & makeover shoots, family photography, corporate shooting, and pre-wedding & wedding photography with lush and elaborate themes.

The article by Joanne Poh tells about the top 8 Singapore studios for graduation, baby, and family photography. Read more here!

Preserve your moments with adorable images

Singaporean parents are now having a splurge to photograph every milestone of their conjugal life!

No matter how you physically feel during pregnancy, it is exciting. You wait for the arrival of the baby and, down the line; you may forget how you looked like with your baby bumps while focusing on raising the child. Capturing your emotions, maternity photographs serve as a great reminiscent of your feelings in the years to come.

Expectant mom and dad are not the sole subjects of maternity photographs. Those can include siblings, transforming the photos into a great family document. The professional photographers shoot maternity photographs with a natural approach to show your true personality. The expectant moms can choose from a variety of feminine outfits for a vibrant photograph. Learn more about baby photoshoots in Singapore here.

These pros are also trained in newborn and baby photography. They understand how to follow a baby and use natural light to its best to come out with a cute loving snap of the cradle moments.

The article by Uma Nathan brings a list of the best maternity, baby, and family photographers. Read more here!

A guide to hiring professional photographers

Maybe you are wondering how to hire a professional photographer in Singapore. Photography means freezing the life moments forever into images. Photography does not mean just clicking the shutter. Many factors are there that influence the outcome. This makes choosing a professional a daunting task. 

Choosing a photographer is different than choosing other professionals. Plenty of photographers are there in Singapore who has different styles and work in different areas. The problem with photography is that the outcome is subjective. So, one has to check if they can visualize your requirements and transform them into great pieces of portraits.

Of course, you can research them. For this, you need to consider their technical proficiency, creativity, props, quality of post-production editing, and many other factors. You can check their portfolio or rely on referral, or word of mouth.

But this is time-consuming as one requires professional photographers for various life moments like maternity, newborn, kid, family, and pets photography. The article from Little Steps rounds up a list of the best photographers in Singapore for preserving the glorious moments of life. Read more here!

Professional studios can help you preserve golden baby moments

Being parents bring in infinite happiness. Naturally, you take selfies with your little angel but that does not always depict the baby’s mood and personality. This is because baby photography is challenging and needs professional expertise to capture their fleeting moments. This baby photography studios in Singapore specializes in everything from maternity, pregnancy, newborn, to baby photographs.

Letting the baby guide you is the key to astounding snaps. The studios make sure that the baby is relaxed and comfortable during the photo session and take warm, natural snaps without overdoing anything and blend traditional artistry with technologies to take unique baby photographs that stand out from others. No matter if your baby is just sleeping, smiling, sitting, or running, they make your memories timeless.

Home photo shooing session is an outstanding feature of their services and they revert with edited images with 4 to 5 days. You can also choose from their online selection from the comfort of your home.

The article by Singapore’s Child tells about several baby photography studios in Singapore for preserving the very first memories of your little angel. Read more here!

Want newborn photos? The pros can make them wonderful

The Singaporean parents are now crazy about snapping their little bundles of joy as a witness of the cute, ephemeral moment they have enjoyed. Newborn photography captures the glorious memory in gorgeous images. Whether you frame the snaps for display in the house or send those as birth announcement cards, you will thank yourself for taking the help of a professional photography studio.

Taking photos of the newborn between 5 and 14 days after the birth is ideal to document the big arrival. Having profound experience in photographing from newborns to babies and family pictures these studios can deliver the best.

Their studios look more like a playroom. Whether you like a clean and natural photo or a well-orchestrated one with a lot of props and cozy backgrounds, they can deliver you everything.

They also offer home sessions to make it relatively stress- free and deliver artistic, creative, and colorful photos making the newborn look like a model!

The article by Joanne Poh share with us a newborn photography studio in Singapore for taking clean and natural snaps of the newborn bundle. Read more here!

Celebrate baby birth through amazing baby photographs

As the babies grow fast, parents like to capture their fleeting moments to celebrate the glorious moments. But, the babies have their typical minds and moods and that gets in the way of taking baby snaps and lack personality. Only appointing a professional baby photography studio can help you get amazing photographs depicting the mood and cuteness of the babies.

These studios specialize in taking high-quality photos of newborns to babies with or without family. They consult the parents and held the photo sessions in locations as safety is their topmost priority. Parents can also opt for home sessions and personalize the shots.

Whether you want your baby snapped in natural light or with a lot of props to make it artistic and creative, everything is possible. As these photos will be an important element of the family history for many, many years they deliver the best depicting the beautiful features of the baby and emotional connection with the family.

The article by Young Parents rounds up the best baby photography studios in Singapore that take timeless images of the babies. Read more here!

Newborn & baby photography can capture your little angels in different moods

Babies are the most wonderful gift to a family. Capturing them in their pristine nursery is the dream of parents. Newborn and baby photography help to preserves the glorious moments and creates an interesting element of the family history for many years to come. But this is quite challenging for the parents, as the babies grow rapidly and have ever-changing moods.

With their specialization in maternity, newborn, and baby photoshoots in Singapore, this studios can capture your babies in different moods for creating a series of portraits to tell your story.

These studios are equipped with baby-friendly props. They also understand the babies well and, therefore, can capture the babies in their real and natural moods. These photos are taken in natural light without any flash. So, there is no chance of the baby waking up by the blinding flash.

Flexibility is another great feature of these professional studios. They change the schedule, if your baby gets moody during the photo session, without extra charges.

The article by New Age Pregnancy lists some of the best newborn and baby photography studios in Singapore. Read more here!

Know the intricacies of newborn photography

The arrival of your little angel brings in the most amazing and wonderful moments in the family. Although the newborn days are precious, they are fleeting. You can hardly say how time passed and how the cute little reached their teens so fast. But the memory stays forever.

As photographs can let you tread down the memory lane, Singaporean parents are now crazy about newborn photos. They are also excited about capturing the very first days of their baby and for that, they hire professionals to take newborn photographs.

Parents always insist on taking snaps of the newborns with pros and also want to look those surreal sometimes. But newborn baby photography is not about creating a gallery of portraits. On the contrary, the session is about keeping the baby safe, loved, and comfortable.

Once this is ensured, you can go for setting lights and building a creative setup. The newborns have typical minds and timings. So, one should be flexible to capture them in their sweet moments.

The article by Spyne throws light on how to shoot the newborn babies. Read more here!

Want to capture fun baby moments? Shoot them in fruits

Nothing gives more joy and happiness than watching a baby grow. The babies grow fast in cute ways and every step they take is a great milestone that overwhelms parents with emotion and love. Capturing these moments helps one to create a family history.

Taking newborn and baby photographs is getting increasingly popular among Singaporean parents. As babies grow older and able to sit without any help, you can give a twist to the baby photographs by taking adorable fruit bath photographs. This is becoming a rage and the babies also love this!

You require only a tub, fruits, and water for this. Strawberries are an excellent option. They have an attractive red color and when they float in water all around the babies, it creates an amazing view.

The photography session takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes props. In most cases, shooting is done under natural light and they give you high resolution edited images.

The article by Chatty Losty dwells on the Baby Fruit bath Session that captures the first few days of your little angle in fun ways. Read more here!

Different Methods of Solving Math Problems

In the past everyone will remember how it was during math class; you watched the teacher solve a sum on the board and did your best to understand it and then copy down the exact method with a fear that is the method was wrong you would not get a good grade during exams. However, the same method of solving a math problem wasn’t always the right method for everyone. This is what math enrichment centres are beginning to understand today. These centres test the child in advance so as to know the level at which they currently are and they help them choose a method of solving problems that is most suited to the students. Here are a few methods of solving math problems that your child will likely learn if enrolled in a math enrichment centre.

Problem Solving Strategy

This method is used in the case of word problems. The child asks a series of questions and finds those answers in the word problem provided and is able to solve the sum easily. The questions that the child asks includes

  1. What is known or given?
  2. What information do you need?
  3. Draw a diagram or a picture that represents the problem.

Solution Strategy

In this method the child will first label the variables in the sum. They then move forward to make a verbal model with the use of logical reasoning. This is then converted into an algebraic model which can be solved and the answer can be checked.

Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be solved in a number of ways. Another method for solving word problems includes the child identifying what is being asked; strategize what is needed for that sum; write down the equation; answer the question and then recheck.

Guess and Check Strategy

In this method the sum can be solved mentally and you guess the answer this is then checked to see if it matches the requirements.

Find a Pattern

This method is usually used at the intermediate level where there are questions that require you to guess what the next number in the series will be or to choose the shape that would come next. In these types of sums it is essential that the child finds the right pattern or relationship in the series.

Opposed to popular belief all these methods are equally right when it comes to solving math problems.

The need for children to participate in math enrichment programs

Academics have always been a major part of a child’s life no matter what the age. However, most children spend up to 80% of their time out of school. This time can be used in an array of ways and most importantly can be used to solidify the basics of subjects that are taught in schools. Out of all the subjects that are taught in school math always seems to take the front seat when you talk about enrichment programs as this is the subject that most children struggle with.

What are enrichment programs?

There are two main categories of enrichment programs—extracurricular activities and academic enrichment. Both of these are programs that help in the development of a child outside of formal educations. This helps in both the personal as well as academic growth of the child.

Need for children to participate in math enrichment programs

Math is the kind of subject that has to be understood and cannot just be learnt. Although teachers do their best n schools to provide good quality teaching not every child is able to grasp the concepts in one go. Due to the fact that most of the time there are large numbers of students in a class the teacher is not able to provide personalised attention to each and everyone. This is where after school enrichment programs help the students. Parents now-a-days have increasingly started looking for after school enrichment programs to help develop their child further. These programs can be customised as per the child’s needs.

More personalised attention can be given to the child as the number of students in these programs is not as much as that in schools. It is also seen that a child can be more comfortable approaching a teacher with doubts when there are less students around. This is also a great advantage for them if they join an enrichment programs for math. Not all children can learn math in the traditional method that is usually taught in schools. Programs for math enrichment singapore use alternate methods of teaching that can be easily understood by the child. Also due to alternate teaching methods the child is able to choose which method they want to use while solving the math problems. Including math games as part of the enrichment programs helps to make learning fun and gives better results.