What to Look Out for in a Good Baby Nail Trimmer

parent trimming the nails of a sleeping baby

If you are a first-time parent, you will discover that one of your responsibilities will include trimming your baby’s nails. Babies don’t have control of their motor skills. This is why they move their hands in any direction, which often results in scratches on their faces, especially if they have long nails. This is one of the reasons you will have to buy a baby nail trimmer for home use

Since babies have tiny nails, you cannot use the nail clippers you use on your nails. You need a nail trimmer that is specially made for babies’ nails. However, you should be careful when buying baby trimmers because some are more suitable than others. You don’t want to hurt your baby when trimming his or her nails. 

It should be easy to use

You’ll be amazed to discover there are different types of baby nail trimmers in the market. Some are similar to the ordinary nail trimmer, only smaller in size, while others are more sophisticated. Before investing in a baby trimmer, you need to ask yourself if anyone can use it. You may not always be around to deal with your baby’s nails, so you want to get one that can be used by anyone. So, you should ensure the baby nail trimmer is small and easy to handle. 

It should be affordable.

Your baby’s nails, small as they are right now, will eventually become stronger as he or she gets older. You will not use a baby nail trimmer for a short while, so you don’t need to spend too much one it. You should, however, relate the price to the quality of the nail trimmer. If it is cheap, but of poor quality, it will not serve you until the baby is ready for a different nail clipper. 

It should be safe 

Safety is a critical component of a good baby trimmer. Some of the common safety features include curved edges and flat tips. This helps to reduce the possibility of you nipping your baby’s fingers when cutting his or her nails. Some baby nail trimmers offer additional features, such as a light to help distract the baby and for you to have a better view of the baby’s nails when cutting. Safe baby trimmers also leave a smooth finish when you are done cutting the nails. 

It should be light-weight

Babies tend to grab anything within reach, so they will undoubtedly attempt to snatch the baby nail trimmer. Having a nail trimmer that is not heavy ensures your baby remains safe even when they get a hold of it, especially if he lets go of it and it falls on his face. A light baby trimmer is also easier to use since babies can be fussy. 

When shopping for a baby nail trimmer, you will likely be overwhelmed because of the different types and designs of nail trimmers in the market. Fortunately, most are baby-friendly, so you need not concern yourself much, as long as they possess all the right qualities.