Why is the right math teacher important for your child

Not many children will say that math is their favourite subject, and most are not even very good at math. However, the right teacher can change all of that. A good teacher has the ability to help a child that has struggled with this subject before and build their confidence in themselves. A good teacher should be able to build interest in the mind of students who find numbers boring and make their classroom a place where a child wants to be. There are five important characteristics that make a teacher a good math teacher.

  1. Knowledge of math
    a successful teacher has in-depth knowledge of math and is able to explain the important concepts and other processes of math. Because of her confidence in her subject she does not have to keep referring to the guide which increases her credibility as a teacher and increases the trust that the students have in her. Math enrichment class make sure that they enrol teachers who have undergone simple math courses and are always upgrading their skills.
  2. Teaching different strategies
    not all students are able to understand and learn in the same way. Different students are able to learn in different ways and a good teacher realises this and is able to use different strategies while teaching math to students that are struggling with the more difficult topics in math.
  3. Approach
    it is important that the teacher have the right approach towards the students they are facilitators of learning and should provide the child with the right knowledge and tools to solve a problem and be approachable enough for when the child is not able to solve it on their own and needs help. The teacher should also be a source of encouragement to the child and help them figure out where they went wrong.
  4. Leadership
    a good math teacher is seen as a leader in the classroom as well as the school. They are well respected and in turn also respect their students.
  5. Care and compassion
    this is a trait that all teachers and not only math teachers should have. A good teacher cares about their students as they realise that it is not the subject being taught but the student that is of the utmost importance. Even though they should have high expectations of their students they should also allow a few times of slack in case of emergency.