Occupational health screening – three questions answered

Occupational screening is a very important routine in any organization obviously because it creates a window for employers to know the health condition of their staffs as well as the best possible treatment method to address their problem. Before a new staff is employed, he has to undergo a series of tests. Reason for this test is to determine if he has an existing health condition that will prevent him from performing better. Also when a staff is being transferred to a new office, he also has to be checked to see if he will be able to meet up with his new workload.

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In this article, we are going to be looking at three questions that have been asked with regards to health screening.

  1. What question should you expect during an occupational health check?

During a screening session, an employee or a staff is going to be asked some questions that are related to their family, history and their medical record. Even more, blood tests, physical checks and in some cases drug test might be carried out to fully access a staff. For more details on this, visit Acumed Medical Group blog.

During the test, there is certain information that is also needed. Information like a staff’s job title as well as his personal particulars, in some cases, he might be required to shed light on his past employment history. These series of information will help occupational health screening doctors to determine how the past jobs of an employee have affected his current abilities and health conditions.

Other questions that are asked during a health check are related to the physical capabilities of a staff, in the areas of agility, strength, and vision. So, a question along the physical health line is asked with a goal of finding out any present aliment, allergies, treatment and medication that a staff is currently undergoing.

Some physical particulars such as height and weight are also measured as well as well as record of past vaccines that a staff has taken. If he happens to have missed any vaccines he will be brought back to date.

At the end of a health screening, a staff will be asked to sign a form that confirms that all the information he has provided is the truth. Lastly, the staff will be assured that the information will be kept confidential.

  1. Do employees benefit from health screening?

When a health screening program is carried out in an organization, the employees or the staff will gain insight as to their current health condition. Knowing this will help staff become more conscious, ultimately, take steps to help them reduce their risk and also to pay attention to the best approach to handle a particular health issue.

Staffs will also benefit mentally, in that they will become more productive, efficient and active while on their job.  The information about a staff’s health can easily be obtained through an arrangement that is both convenient to the staffs and will require no extra cost to staff.

  1. How does organization benefits from a health screening?

When health screening is carried out in an organization, it will have an idea of the health conditions that their workforce is susceptible to. It also creates a window for the organization to take actionable steps to remedy the health condition of their staffs.

When employee and staffs become aware of their health status, they will be able to improve their lifestyle and get help so as to address their present or impending health conditions. In the end, there will hardly be a case of staff absence especially due to health reasons.  Even more, there will be an increase in productivity levels because staffs have become more will become more committed to giving their very best.