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First day anxiety? Try a few of these tips to help your child enjoy their first day in pre-school

It can be a great moment of anxiety for both the kids and their parents on the first day of preschool. For many, it can be a nightmare as they had never stayed away from one another for such a long time before this. It is true that there will many children who will be thrilled to attend a preschool or a playgroup Singapore for the first time . But, it is also true that new and unknown experiences can also add apprehensions. If both parents and kids want to enjoy a smooth transition into their preschools, such apprehensions should be addressed in the right manner.

Check out some of the following tips to prepare your little ones for their first day at preschool.

Let them know what they should expect

Most children are always eager to try out new things. They are also active and naturally curious. It is precisely for these reasons that the ideal time to build a solid foundation for learning starts from their preschool years. Even before they start the first day of their preschool, explain certain social concepts or manners like waiting in a queue. If possible, also teach them how to count objects and teach them the different parts of a body. All this knowledge will help your kid become more confident on their first day.

Take care of your child’s body

You need to make sure that your kid gets adequate sleep, drinks lots of water and has a protein-rich diet. The absence of any of these can ruin their day. You may be busy shopping for their backpacks, lunch boxes and clothes, but do not forget to discuss with your kids to be aware of the changes that are happening in their bodies. You need to also guide your children to understand their thirst and hunger. Usually, the little ones are cranky when they feel hungry. However, their mood improves after eating something or taking a nap.

Practice wake-up schedule

This is very important so that your child is not late in reaching school. It is recommended to practice the wake-up schedule from at least a week earlier to going to their preschool for the first time. You can set an alarm depending on when your kid needs to wake up the following morning so that with time, they are accustomed to their new schedule.